About Us


The Figueroa Corridor Partnership is responsible for the daily management and promotion of the Figueroa/Flower/Vermont Corridor, linking downtown Los Angeles to Exposition Park. The Partnership is committed to the area's development as a safe, clean, economically vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing environment in which to conduct business, continue an education, visit a museum, attend a sporting event, worship, or reside.

What We Do

The Partnership is a non-profit business improvement district (BID) where area property owners assess themselves additional fees to pay for maintenance, security, and marketing services above those provided by the city. The organization operates a clean team to remove trash and graffiti, a safety ambassador crew to help deter crime, and a marketing firm to provide publicity to the area through its quarterly newsletter and media outreach. The collective power of bringing together all businesses, non-profit institutions, and service organizations has helped the district work very effectively with local government organizations and bring innovative streetscape, beautification, and cultural amenities to the area.


The BID is bounded by the 10 Freeway on the north, Exposition Park on the south, Flower Street on the east, and Vermont Avenue on the west.

Brief History of the Partnership

Before the Partnership began operations in 1998, the Figueroa Corridor was perceived as a neighborhood of heavy crime and general disorder, and area stakeholders were experiencing significant declines in business. The local Chevrolet dealer was told by General Motors to relocate to a better neighborhood, area museums saw attendance drop significantly, the University of Southern California had trouble recruiting students, and Orthopaedic Hospital found it difficult to attract resident physicians.

Both public and private property owners decided to band together and create the Partnership to make the area safe, clean, and attractive. The area achieved spectacular results in a short period of time. Institutions that once considered leaving the area have not only remained but are making significant new investments in their properties. New developments – residential, commercial, and educational – are springing up every year, and the area will soon be home to a new metro rail line and possibly an NFL team. More than $1.5 billion in investment has been poured into the area since 1998.

The Figueroa Corridor has noticeably improved for the enjoyment of all – property owners, business owners, residents, churchgoers, students, commuters, and visitors.

Board of Directors and Staff

Chair: Darryl Holter, The Shammas Group

Vice Chair: Mark Cohen, CAST Real Estate Holdings

Secretary: James R. Gilson, Natural History Museum of L.A. County

Treasurer: Steven Talavera, L.A. Child Guidance Clinic

Mary Ann Bell
John Tracy Clinic

Andre Bennington
Shrine Auditorium

Emily Cohen
GH Palmer Associates

Dafer Dakhil
Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation

Ann Dorr
N. University Park Properties

Margaret Farnum
L.A. Memorial Coliseum Commission

Joe Flanagan
Red Oak Investments

Shelby Jordan
Community Resource & Talent Development

Eddie Kouyoumdjian
Exposition Park

Jon Gibby
Orthopaedic Hospital

Maria Lyons
Mount St. Mary’s College

Christina Macias

Steve Miller
California Tool

Ann Merelie Murrell
Giroux Glass

Rhea Chung
LA Trade-Tech College

Robert Schwab
Automobile Club of Southern California

Brother Tony Wiedemer
St. Vincent’s Church

Fred Yadegar
Sibelle of California

David Roberts
University of Southern California

Charlie Haggard
Westar Housing


Henry Fimbres
State Police, Exposition Park

Art Miller
Southwest LAPD

Steven Zipperman
Southwest LAPD

Carey Drayton
USC Public Safety

Lynnelle Scaduto
Council District One

Dennis Rodriguez
Council District Eight

Brandi Chapelle
Council District Nine

Victoria Woods

Managed by Urban Place Consulting Group, Inc.:

Steve Gibson
Executive Director

Aaron Aulenta

Katie Gibson


Figueroa Corridor Partnership : 3982 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 207 Los Angeles, CA 90037 Phone: (213) 746-9577 Fax: (213) 746-7876
Service Hotline: (213) 746-3444