Streetscape Programs

Some of the Figueroa Corridor’s biggest success stories are its innovative streetscape programs, which make the area more welcoming and engaging for pedestrians, commuters, and visitors.

Downtown L.A. Walks

Downtown L.A. Walks is an urban ‘wayfinding’ signage program that helps pedestrians and drivers find their way throughout the Figueroa Corridor and greater downtown area. It is the largest urban wayfinding program in the nation. More than 1,300 pedestrian and vehicular signs point the way to local attractions, public offices, transit stops, and other frequently visited destinations. Famous attractions such as the Exposition Park museums, USC, and the Shrine Auditorium are highlighted, as well as lesser-known destinations, like Mercado La Paloma, which sits just outside the district to the east.

Downtown L.A. Walks received the prestigious "Downtown Achievement Award in Marketing and Communications" from the International Downtown Association in 2006 for its comprehensive marketing campaign and its ability to unify all of L.A.'s downtown districts.

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Angel’s Walk

Angels Walk is an exciting program coming to the Figueroa Corridor soon that will feature beautiful sidewalk stanchions describing the Corridor’s architectural, cultural, and historic treasures. The colorful stanchions will be located in front of sites such as the Shrine Auditorium and Doheny Mansion, illustrating the fascinating histories through text and photos. Brochures, already available for free at cultural institutions and other gathering spots within the district, help guide visitors on self-led walking tours. Both the stanchions and brochures were written by acclaimed Los Angeles Times Columnists Patt Morrison and Cecilia Rasmussen. The Figueroa Corridor was one of the first neighborhoods chosen by the City of Los Angeles for this magnificent program.

Community Medallions

The Figueroa Corridor Community Medallions – the first of their kind in Los Angeles – are metal street pole banners that line the major streets throughout the district. They feature the Partnership’s teal, black, and white logo on both sides and are viewable by both pedestrians and drivers. The logo is also affixed to several of the area’s trash receptacles, which helps give the district a sense of identity and also act as a marker for out-of-town visitors. In contrast to the commonly used canvas banners, the medallions are permanent streetscape fixtures.

Vermont Avenue Medians and Streetscape

The stretch of Vermont Ave. from Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. to Jefferson Blvd. has become significantly more attractive and pedestrian-friendly over the last several years thanks to landscaped medians and widened, landscaped sidewalks. With Exposition Park and USC on the east side of the street, several community businesses and service organizations on the west, and Vermont Ave. being a designated freeway-alternative route for downtown commuters, this is a heavily-trafficked street by pedestrians, drivers, and transit riders alike. The medians and streetscaping make the journey safer and more pleasant for everyone.

Exposition Park East Entrance

Visitors entering Exposition Park from its main entrance, on Figueroa St., just north of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., will notice an improved streetscape with wide sidewalks, beautiful landscaping, and contemporary entrance signs. The new entrance is not only more welcoming to Park visitors but also more attractive to passers-by. Several other improvements to the park’s built environment can be experienced inside, including a new parking structure next to the California Science Center, featuring winding paths on its exterior with native landscaping, informational kiosks, and a giant airplane.

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