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The Partnership is a non-profit business improvement district (BID) where area property owners assess themselves additional fees to pay for maintenance, security, and marketing services above those provided by the city. The organization operates a clean team to remove trash and graffiti and a safety ambassador crew to help deter crime. The collective power of bringing together all businesses, non-profit institutions, and service organizations has helped the district work very effectively with local government organizations and bring innovative streetscape, beautification, and cultural amenities to the area.

Clean Team


-Sidewalk cleaning 7 days a week

-Trash removal 7 days a week

-Pressure washing throughout district

-Graffiti/Stickers/Handbill removal within hours of notification

-170 trash cans serviced

-Bulky item removal and disposal

-Removal of shopping carts

-Landscape maintenance, including tree trimming twice a year

Safety Ambassadors


-Patrol 7 days a week

-Contact and provide assistance to local businesses

-Assist local law enforcement

-Outreach to homeless individuals

-Assist the public

-Distribution of Prevention of Loss cards

-Make exterior property checks

-Contact illegal vendors


Other District Services

-Work with local government to effectively solve district issues

-Notify area businesses and property owners of coming events and street closures

-Create quarterly newsletter distributed to stakeholders



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