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Our Mission

The Figueroa Corridor Partnership is responsible for the daily management and promotion of the Figueroa/Flower/Vermont Corridor, linking downtown Los Angeles to Exposition Park. The Partnership is committed to the area's development as a safe, clean, economically vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing environment in which to conduct business, continue an education, visit a museum, attend a sporting event, worship, or reside.


The BID is bounded by the 10 Freeway on the north, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd on the south,

110 Freeway on the east, and Vermont Avenue on the west.

2020 Accomplishments


- 31 Jobs Created
- 1,190 Merchant Contacts

- 21,650 Patrol Checks

- 1,507 Patrol Assists
- 1,617 Transient Contacts
- 93 Vehicle Cards Distributed
- 729 Calls for Service
- 22,880 hours spent patrolling the district
- 160 Trash Receptacles Serviced
- 82,211 Trash Bags Picked Up
- 1,890,853 pounds of Trash Removed
- 1,944 Graffiti Tags Removed
- 1,542 Bulky Items Removed
- 162 hours spent pressure washing sidewalks
- 20,488 hours spent cleaning the district

- 14 small business foundation grants given out

- 1 COVID-19 resource page developed/updated

- 1 Restaurant take-out/delivery website page developed/updated

Board of DIrectors


Irene Rodriguez, Chair

USC Credit Union

Ana Lasso, Vice Chair

Exposition Park Manager

Melinda Ramos-Alatorre, Treasurer


Darryl Holter, Secretary

Shammas Group

Laurie Sowd

California Science Center

Karen Osgood

Felix Chevrolet

Fred Yadegar

Sibelle of California


Andrea Salazar



Jena Miller

Automobile Club

Mike O’Melveny

Ventus Group

David Nations

St. Vincent's Church

Ann Merelie Murrell

Giroux Glass

Myesha Ward

Lucas Museum

Debbie Reams

Mount St Marys


Randall Ely

Mercedes Benz

Neal Goldman

Volks Wagon of

Downtown Los Angeles

Julius Monge

Chrysler Jeep Dodge

of Los Angeles

Dianne Lee


Steve Gibson

Figueroa Corridor Staff


Aaron Aulenta

Figueroa Corridor Staff


Katie Gibson

Figueroa Corridor Staff


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